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Pets of Dalhousie: Meet Vester and Visby

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on August 12, 2021 in Community Highlights
Charming Vester and cute Visby.
Charming Vester and cute Visby.

Vester and Visby are the darling feline children of Christena Copeland, director, communications with Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF).

Vester Bentley: age 7
Visby Doolittle: age 4

: Vestey, Mousie and Little Mouse
: Visby Doo, Doo, or just Doo Doo.

Species/Breed: They are both beautiful, sunshiny, orange tabby cats.

Fav food:
really only loves dried cat food and dried cat treats, but he pretends to like canned cat food just so he can be the alpha to Visby’s beta—he’ll rush in and eat it all and then throw up almost immediately afterwards—usually on the one rug we have in our house that is otherwise completely tile or wooden floors.
loves canned cat food, dried cat treats, tuna water, and bacon—he will practically steal it off your plate.

Special tricks:
 getting what he wants via enchantment. He knows how to charm anybody and will talk constantly, in different tones, indicating that that he wants and need affection. He is also a shoulder cat and loves to be carried around that way—he’ll literally go anywhere draped on your shoulder!
 getting what he wants with shy cuteness. Visby was a feral kitten, so it has taken him a while to connect comfortably with humans, but when he does, it’s incredible. He chirps instead of meows and he loves to cheek rub your hand while you’re working.

Best qualities:
 by far the most trusting, loving, and affection cat I’ve ever known. He loves people and will let you trim his nails, kiss his belly, and spoon with him to no end!
 because he had dual hip surgery at 18 months of age, he can’t jump as well as a “normal” cat can, so, he’s learned to hoist himself up but his front legs and he is therefore very muscular in the “shoulder” area! He looks like a little furry tank-kitty.

Social Media: Vester is on Instagram: @vesterbentley. Visby is too shy to have a social media account.

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