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Vaccine clinical trial volunteers needed

Posted by Microbiology and Immunology (Faculty of Medicine) on June 30, 2021 in General Announcements

​Participants needed for COVID-19 DNA vaccine study
Posted by Dr. Roy Duncan, Professor and Killam Chair in Virology
Department of Microbiology & Immunology

Researchers at the Canadian Center for Vaccinology in the IWK Health Centre are looking for 13 healthy participants aged 18-64 to complete a COVID-19 DNA vaccine study that is being done right now.

The study will evaluate a vaccine against COVID-19 that was developed by researchers at Alberta-based Entos Pharmaceuticals and Dalhousie University. It is a DNA vaccine which gives information to some of your cells to make the COVID-19 virus spike protein, which your body then makes an immune response against.

Participating in this study will help Canadian vaccine makers develop vaccines for use in Canada and in other countries around the world.

As a participant, you will be in the study for about 12 months and have a total of nine on-site visits and one phone call. The total time commitment is about four hours. You will receive a physical exam, medical screening, and blood tests. You are eligible to take part in this study if you are:

  • 18+ years old.
  • Available for the study visits.
  • In good health.
  • Your body mass index is 30 or less.
  • Your physical examination and blood test are within normal limits.
  • You are not pregnant.

 As well, participants will be compensated for their time and out-of-pocket expenses, such as parking at the IWK Health Centre.

For more information call or email our research coordinator Heather Samson
Phone (902) 470-8141 Email
Or go to the CCfV website for the Covigenix clinical trial at