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Pets of Dalhousie: Meet Jojo, Jerry Berry and Dexter

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on April 26, 2021 in Community Highlights
Jojo, Jerry and Dexter enjoy a cuddle session.
Jojo, Jerry and Dexter enjoy a cuddle session.

Jojo, Jerry Berry and Dexter, two cats and a dog, live with Tiffany Coolen-Jewers, an administrative officer in the Schulich School of Law.

Names:  Jojo, Jerry Berry and Dexter

Nickname: N/A

Species/breed: Domestic Cats and a Beagle

Age: Jojo & Jerry Berry are brothers, aged 10.  Dexter is 3.

Fave food: Catnip – all 3 of them love it. Dexter is also referred to as the catnip vacuum. Whatever the kitties leave behind, he cleans it up.

Special tricks: Dexter will sit pretty, shake hands, etc. The boys just love to hang out together and occasionally the cats will chase Dexter around the house. Dexter also loves to pull Jojo’s fur.

Best quality: They are all super friendly, love attention and cuddles and bring so much joy to the family.

Social media platform or handle, if available: We don’t have any.

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