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Pets of Dalhousie: Meet Theodore

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on March 5, 2021 in Community Highlights

Theodore is a domestic long-haired cat who lives with Lisa Olson, a Master of Information student at Dal.

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Name: My name is Theodore. The shelter named me Mufasa but mama thought I needed a more regal name.

Nickname: Theo, Love, Handsome... I’ll respond to everything or nothing, depending on the day and whether or not you are holding food.

Species/Breed: Domestic Long-Hair

Age: 6

Fave food: ice cream, chicken, bread… Yes, I have stolen entire loaves of bread off the counter and fallen asleep with my head in a bowl of ice cream before.

Special tricks: Convincing people to give me pity food by reminding them that I grew up on the streets, got shot, and lost a leg and most of my teeth. Also I’m an expert at falling out of bed.

Best quality: I will love anyone who will love me back.

Social media platform or handle, if available: Find me on instagram @theodore.cornelius

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