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Senate Agenda for September 24, 2018

Posted by Senate Office on September 20, 2018 in General Announcements

Notice of Meeting

Dalhousie University Senate

Monday, September 24, 2018

3:00pm ‐ 5:00pm

Theatre A, Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building

Carleton Campus, Halifax


Precis: 1. Approval of Agenda
2. Consent Agenda
2.1 Approval of Draft Minutes of September 10, 2018 Senate Meeting*
3. Matters Arising from the September 10, 2018 Senate Meeting Minutes:
4. Steps to Make Diversity and Inclusion a Reality
Presenter: Tereigh Ewert-Bauer, Senior Educational Developer (Diversity and Inclusivity), Centre for Learning & Teaching
Re: Strategic Priority 5.2 Foster a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness
5. Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (SLTC):
Delegation of authority by Senate to SLTC*
Presenter: Tanya Packer, Vice Chair, Student Affairs
6. Senate Planning and Governance Committee:
Senate review - Faculty of Architecture and Planning*
Presenters: Christine Macy, Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning and Jure Gantar, Associate Director (Graduate and Research), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
7. Academic Innovation*
Presenter: Pemberton Cyrus, Associate Vice President, Academic (Acting)
8. Presidential Search Consultation*
Presenters: Kevin Hewitt, Faculty of Science and Louise Spiteri, Faculty of Management (Presidential Search Committee members)
9. Reports:
9.1 DSU Report
9.2 Provost’s Report
9.3 Questions for Reports
10. Question Period
11. Other Business