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Study Skills Workshops (Halifax)

Posted by Dalhousie Studying for Success Program on March 20, 2017 in General Announcements

Now that we're more than halfway through the semester, students need to keep motivated and stay on track with their studies. The Dalhousie Studying for Success Program (Halifax Campuses) has workshops this week that can teach them to: keep focused, take more effective notes, and work better in a team.

Get Focused: Concentration & Memorization
Mon Mar 20
Mona Campbell Bdg. Room 1107

Note-taking & Listening Techniques
Tues Mar 21
Mona Campbell Bdg. Room 1107

Working in a Group - Getting Started (#1)
Wed Mar 22
Mona Campbell Bdg. Room 1108

Working in a Group - Moving Forward (#2)
Thurs Mar 23
Mona Campbell Bdg. Room 2107

Check out our website: www.dal.ca/sfs, like us on Facebook (Dalhousie Studying for Success), and follow us on Twitter (@DalStudySuccess) for more info.

Students can register for workshops online, or they can:
- visit our main office on Studley Campus, in Killam, Room G28 (Main floor)
- call (902) 494-3077
- email the Coordinator at: sfs@dal.ca or
- simply show up to the specific workshop and sign the attendance sheet

If students are unable to attend any workshop due to scheduling conflicts, they may always make an appointment for an individual session with the Coordinator or a study coach. Just call or email to book.

For services on the Agricultural campus, contact Student Services in Truro at: Phone: (902) 893-6672 or Email: ssdalac@dal.ca