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Dalhousie has new Waste Bin Guidelines

Posted by Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability on December 6, 2016 in General Announcements

Dalhousie has new Waste Bin Guidelines that will help us meet legislative and policy commitments and divert materials from the landfill. That means you will soon see changes to the way all students, faculty, and staff deal with waste. There will be more places to recycle and compost, and fewer catch-all garbage bins. You will also see new signs.

On  Friday, December 09 waste bin system will be retrofitted as per Dalhousie's Waste Bin Standards at the LSC. On Thursday, December 15 bin systems will be retrofitted at  Coburg Place, Steele Oceans Bld, Gerard Hall, Warehouse, and O’Brien Hall. If you have questions about the timing or process of the bin implementation please contact

What does this mean for you?

In offices single garbage bins will be removed and replaced with a blue recyclable bin with smaller garbage side-saddle and waste management guide. Put your recyclables and paper in the blue bin and your garbage in the black side-saddle bin. When it’s full, it will be up to you to empty both of them at the four-bin sorting station in your hallway. Organic waste must be taken to the four-bin sorting station daily. This is to prevent organic materials from remaining in the office for longer than one day. 

In the classrooms single stream garbage bins will be removed. There will be Pack It Up, Pack It Out signs to remind students and other users of the rooms to sort their waste at the four-bin sorting station in the hallway. For more information on the process and standard, visit the Facilities Management Waste Implementation Standards Web-page(s)