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Sleep study for children ages 6‑10

Posted by Psychology & Neuroscience / Corkum LABS on April 13, 2015 in General Announcements

We are looking for typically developing children to participate in a study that is examining how sleep changes our daytime functioning.

As a thank-you gift parents receive a $375.00 honorarium and children receive $45.00 in Empire Theatre gift cards. A stipend will also be given to cover additional expenses such as travel, parking, gas, and meals.

The study consists of 3 visits to the sleep lab at the QE-II Heath Sciences Centre in Halifax, as well as one week of sleep restriction (where children go to bed one hour later each night for five nights).

In order to participate in the study, children must sleep 8-12 hours/night on average and not typically take naps

If you are interested in participating please contact us:

Corkum LABS:
Phone: 902-494-5177

Dr. Penny Corkum’s research team focuses on conducting studies that are related to sleep and mental health in school aged children. We research topics such as what treatments work, parent/caregiver perceptions of child mental health and treatment, as well as how sleep (and sleep loss) can affect how kids think, feel, and act during the day.