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World Ocean Day

Posted by Communications, Marketing & Creative on June 7, 2023 in News

Below you will find suggested Dalhousie University experts who can speak to current topics of regional, provincial, national, and international interest for Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

Critical issues of biodiversity and sustaining life in changing oceans efforts to address these issues including the UN International Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
: Dr. Sara Iverson, Scientific Director – Ocean Tracking Network, Professor, Department of Biology
Research Specialties: Behaviour, biochemistry, ecology, marine biology, and physiology
Contact: sara.iverson@dal.ca / 902-494-2566
Please note that Dr. Iverson is available for phone and virtual interviews only. 

The impacts of global warming on lobster, crab and shrimp populations
Dalhousie Expert
: Dr. Fraser Clark, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture
Research Specialties: Molecular immunology, comparative innate immunology, crustacean health, stress and disease, crustacean microbiomes, marine pathogen genomics, and pathogen-host-environment interactions
Contact: fraser.clark@dal.ca / 902-896-2433

The impacts of ocean warming on ocean life and food sources / Marine food webs / Seafood and aquaculture
Dalhousie Expert
: Dr. Stefanie Colombo, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Aquaculture Nutrition, Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture
Research Specialties: Aquaculture nutrition and production, lipids and fatty acids, environmentally sustainable feeds, fatty acid biosynthesis in fish, nutrigenomics, impact of climate change on nutrient availability and metabolism in aquaculture/ecosystems, and farmed seafood nutritional quality
Contact: scolombo@dal.ca / 902-893-6646

The impacts of environmental stressors on shellfish / How ocean acidification, ocean warming, microplastic pollution and invasive species are impacting the intertidal and subtidal ocean / How environmental racism impacts use of aquatic resources
Dalhousie Expert
: Dr. Sarah Stewart-Clark, Associate Professor, Shellfish Aquaculture, Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture
Research Specialties: Aquatic invasive species, shellfish aquaculture and genomics, shellfish transcriptomic responses to environmental stressors, genetic brood stock enhancement in shellfish production, population studies and phylogenetic analysis of invasive tunicates, diagnostic assay development of invasive propagules in environmental water samples, monitoring and screening for invasive propagules via high throughput molecular assays, developing new molecular diagnostic tools for shellfish health screening, and gender studies in academia and rural communities
Contact: sarah.stewart-clark@dal.ca / 902-893-8072

 Please note interviews are subject to faculty/staff members availability.