Subject Matter Experts

Looking for an expert that can provide informed commentary and perspective for your media coverage? We have a number of channels to help you find the right expert for your story.

Experts at Dal Database  
You can search our Experts at Dal database to find Dalhousie faculty who are available to speak to current topics in the news cycle.

Dalhousie Experts Advisory
Dalhousie has a number of experts who can provide comment on current topics of regional, provincial, national and international interest. Our Experts Advisory is compiled and distributed to media multiple times throughout the month. 

Seasonal Story Ideas
Several times through the year, including the back to school timeframe and holiday season, our media team develops lists of experts and story ideas who can speak to topics that will be of interest to your audience.

Media can choose to reach out to faculty directly, or contact our media relations team for assistance. 

To be added to our distribution list, please email

Please note - Due to the ongoing pandemic, the majority of our staff and faculty are currently working from home, and many of our campus buildings are closed. 

Many of our experts are able to conduct virtual interviews. It is at their discression, if they are comfortable participating in physically distanced, in-person interviews in an outdoor setting.