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Posted by Communications and Marketing on May 12, 2022 in News

COVID-19 research on children with complex needs.
Dalhousie Expert
: Janet Curran, Professor, School of Nursing
Research Specialties: Pediatric emergency care, mixed methods, health professional behaviour change.
Contact: jacurran@dal.ca or (902) 470-3748

COVID-19 research on parents of sick babies navigating pandemic restrictions.
Dalhousie Expert
: Marsha Campbell-Yeo, Professor, School of Nursing.
Research Specialties: Neonates and infants, co-bedding, pain, skin-to-skin contact, randomized trials.
Contact: marsha.campbell-yeo@dal.ca or (902) 430-6447

Research examining the virtual community helping new mothers during the pandemic.
Dalhousie Expert
: Megan Aston, Professor/Associate Director Research and International Affairs and the Director of Centre for Transformative Nursing & Health Research (CTNHR), School of Nursing.
Research Specialties: Maternal child and infant health, public health nursing, children with intellectual disabilities.
Contact: megan.aston@dal.ca or (902) 452-6712

Dalhousie Expert: Sheri Lynn Price, Professor, School of Nursing.
Research Specialties: Community health, nursing and health human resources, inter-professional socialization.
Contact: sheri.price@dal.ca or (902) 489-8809

Faculty members supervised students in long term care centre placements.
Dalhousie Expert
: Elaine Moody, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing.
Research Specialties: Aging and older people, cognitive function including dementia and delirium, frailty and multi-morbidity, intersections of art and health
Contact: elaine.moody@dal.ca or (902) 580-4432

Dalhousie Expert: Sheri Roach, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing.
Research Specialties: Successful transition to practice for nurses, evidence-informed health policy, applying nursing knowledge and a patient-centred lens to care, decision-making throughout the health-care system.
Contactsheri.roach@dal.ca or (902) 877-6105