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Dalhousie University and Eastward Energy welcome Premier Tim Houston in celebrating the launch of the Hydrogen Applications Research Lab

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on February 26, 2024 in News

Monday, February 26, 2024 (Halifax, NS) – Today, Dalhousie University and John Hawkins, president, Eastward Energy, welcomed The Honourable Tim Houston, Premier of Nova Scotia, and The Honourable Tory Rushton, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables, to the launch of Dalhousie’s Faculty of Engineering Hydrogen Applications Research Lab. 

Eastward Energy is partnering with Dalhousie researcher Dr. Michael Pegg and his team in the Department of Process Engineering and Applied Science as they investigate low-carbon solutions for its distribution system, including the distribution of hydrogen-enriched natural gas (HENG). Dalhousie is grateful for Eastward Energy’s generous support of the lab with a $120,000 contribution.

“This research supports the province’s goals outlined in the Green Hydrogen Action Plan, released in December, and will guide government and industry to develop green hydrogen in ways that contribute to the broader plans for a clean, sustainable future,” says Premier Tim Houston. 

“Eastward Energy has played a significant role in reducing emissions over the last 20 years by assisting in the transition away from fuel oil,” says John Hawkins, president of Eastward Energy. “Integrating lower-carbon energy sources like green hydrogen and renewable natural gas into the distribution system is crucial to meeting our customers’ needs and the challenges we face as a society in reaching our climate change goals. We’re pleased to support the work of Dalhousie University’s Hydrogen Applications Research Laboratory, which is a key piece of developing a domestic hydrogen economy in Nova Scotia.”

The lab will test the limits of blending hydrogen into Eastward Energy’s natural gas system, as well as the utilization of hydrogen-enriched natural gas in household appliances. Hydrogen-enriched natural gas, made using “green hydrogen,” is being studied as a lower-carbon energy source.

“We are grateful to Eastward Energy for their support and collaboration in establishing the new Dalhousie University Hydrogen Applications Research Laboratory,” says president and vice-chancellor Kim Brooks. "This is a wonderful testament to the power of partnership and collective vision in advancing critical initiatives for our province, and I'm pleased to see industry, government, and academia working together to unlock the transformative potential of hydrogen here in Nova Scotia."

The lab will also provide hands-on research experience and collaboration with industry partners, ensuring Dalhousie’s students will be better equipped to help find clean solutions and technologies that drive economic growth.

"At the heart of this lab lies a commitment to pioneering research into the uses of green hydrogen - a vital component in reducing carbon emissions in Nova Scotia, and beyond," says Dr. Pegg. "Gas distribution companies across the world are exploring how to integrate progressively higher blends of hydrogen into their systems. We are excited to partner with Eastward in exploring this emerging energy frontier."




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