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Top 5 unusual classes

From pasta and pizza to winning arguments, Dal has a class for every taste

- December 3, 2013

Rich Aucoin is just one of the creative minds showcased in CRWR 2000. (David Logan photo)
Rich Aucoin is just one of the creative minds showcased in CRWR 2000. (David Logan photo)

Fact: Dalhousie offers over 3,700 classes. While you’re taking all of the required ones needed to get your degree, at some point you need to leave a little wiggle room so you can experience some of the less conventional classes at Dal. Perhaps you’ll discover a new passion or learn the art to something you may not have known existed. Give it a shot. Explore the academic timetable. Here are a few I’ve discovered or heard about during my three-and-a-half years on campus:

  1. MUSC 2022X/Y: The Art And Science of Hand Drumming
    I’ve had the personal pleasure of learning the art and science of hand drumming, and I still have a djembe to show for it (and a great sense of rhythm). Once a week, make music on a giant African hand drum. You’ll have to rent or buy a drum (Long & McQuade on Cunard St. have them), but it’s totally worth it. These drums are spiritually blessed, beautiful and stellar for jamming.

  2. HSTC 3611: Studies In Early Modern Science (1500-1800)
    This year’s topic? “Brewing Science: The history, culture and science of beer.” That’s right. The class will take a selective interdisciplinary approach to the study of the relationship between brewing history, science and “the modern.” I know I’ll be signing up. Check it out at King’s.

  3. PHIL 2090: How to Win an Argument
    Never lose an argument again! Impress your friends, up your game with your parents, fight (and win) your battles with logic and deduction. This class is all about evaluating reasoning and producing convincing arguments. If you’re a logical thinker this course is for you. Even if you’re not, it will help beef up your skills.

  4. ITAL 2200: Modern Italian Culture
    Study Italian culture through the medium of food (nom!). Unfortunately, it’s not offered this year, but in future terms, foodies can rejoice and get their fix in this class. You’ll learn about the “history of Italian regionalism and its fragmented national identity” through the universal idea of food. Pasta, pizza, polenta—you name it. You better be one of the first to sign up though, because students seem to have a voracious appetite for this class.

  5. CRWR 2000X/Y: The Creative Process
    Embrace your inner creative genius through a wide variety of artistic expression including writing, painting, music, acting/directing, dancing, mathematics, medicine and advertising. The winter term also showcases a different artistic speaker almost every class, and when I took the class two years ago we listened to Rich Aucoin, Tanya Davis and El Jones, to name a few. For those of you out there who need an outlet, a jumpstart to your creative muse, or just want to experiment with the arts, this class is for you.

So what about you? Have you taken any fantastic classes that are a little outside the norm? Let us know!


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