Transit strike information

Updated as strike continues

- February 1, 2012

Bus and ferry service in HRM has ceased. (Bruce Bottomley photo)
Bus and ferry service in HRM has ceased. (Bruce Bottomley photo)

Last updated: February 14, 3:19 p.m.

ATU Local 508, comprised of transit workers including bus operators, ferry crews, fleet mechanics, and others, officially went on strike as of 1:35 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 2. All bus and ferry service has ceased in HRM.

On February 14, the union voted in favour of entering binding arbitration. If the city agrees, this could bring an end to the strike. However, for now, the strike continues.

Visit the Metro Transite website for the latest updates to transit riders in general.

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Below are some of the accommodations and contingencies the university will be making as a result of the transit strike.

Ride Sharing / Carpooling

The following are some of the ways that you can find Dalhousie community members offering or looking for drives:

  • MyDal Classifieds: Located under the “services” tab. You can post requests for rides or offers to carpool by using the “Rides” category.
  • HRM Smart Trip: Allows Dalhousie students and employees to search postal codes to find other Dal people as well as ride-seekers from other Halifax organizations to travel with.
  • Facebook: Join the Dalhousie ride sharing group.
  • Twitter: Use the hashtag #DalRides, which you can search at the link.


  • Revision, Feb. 7: The Hancock parking lot (corner of Oxford/Coburg) will return to regular parking as of Wednesday, Feb. 8 for drivers with a general parking pass. Security Services reports that it was underused as a "carpool lot," with no more than 10 or 12 vehicles parking there during the peak morning period.
  • Drivers with a reserved pass to the Dunn lot will be able to trade those passes between vehicles during the strike so they can join with other drivers and carpool.
  • While most of Dalhousie’s reserved parking lots are at or near capacity, there are still spots available at Fenwick Towers that can be purchased at a prorated price for the remainder of the parking year (until September). Contact Security at 494-6400 for more information.

Classes and teaching

  • All classes, labs and tutorials will continue during the strike
  • If your ability to attend classes or midterms will be seriously impacted by the transit strike, consult your individual professor or instructor as soon as possible.
  • Faculty and instructors are being encouraged to consider a wide range of contingencies for the strike, depending on their particular class situation. These might include adjustments to attendance or participation policies, or exploring online exercises, class delivery or office hours.
  • Deans are developing contingency plans in the event of a prolonged strike. Faculties will post this information on their websites.


  • The university is suggesting that units explore practices for alternative work arrangements, where appropriate, as we expect there may be increased road traffic during normal work hours.
  • These include adjusted hours of work, compressed work weeks, and working from home where feasible. Employees who are interested in exploring these options should discuss them with their manager.


  • The university will be working with Metro Transit to manage the reimbursement process in the event of a prolonged disruption of transit service.


  • The university is looking into purchasing or renting cots that could be used for students and employees stranded in case of a major winter storm.
  • Should a storm be forecast, take extra precautions


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