A fond farewell

- June 16, 2008

Back in 1973, chemistry professor Jim Pincock asked the chair of the department, "So, what's the possibility of my one-year contract being extended?" His answer: "Zero." Dr. Pincock gets the last laugh 35 years later. (Nick Pearce Photo)

Laird Mealiea has big plans for retirement: he’s going to write the next great Canadian novel.

The professor with the School of Business Administration has the storyline mapped out and is sharing the writing with his brother Wallace down in Florida. The plot involves twins and their ability to talk to their younger or older selves through time.

“I’m enjoying it so far,” says Dr. Mealiea, who has written some other books—Skills for Managers in Organizations and Fundamentals of Management and Skills. “Science fiction is a challenge.”

But chemistry professor Jim Pincock’s retirement plans are less ambitious: “I’m going to read a book and after that I’m going to read another one,” he says with a laugh.

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Dr. Mealiea and Dr. Pincock were just two of the many retiring professors and staff members who turned out for a retirement party at the Victorian Lounge in Shirreff Hall. Dalhousie President Tom Traves distributed gifts—gold keychains and necklaces with the Inspiring Minds logo—and paid tribute to their years of dedicated service to Dalhousie.

Jim Stolzman, professor with the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, says he’s going to miss the students and his colleagues, but figures he’s heard enough inventive excuses for late papers to last him awhile.

“There should be a quota on dying grandparents,” he said dryly.

There are more than 60 people who have retired or are retiring from Dalhousie University this year. They are:

  • Susan Gibson Garvey, Dalhousie Art Gallery
  • Frederick Anthony, Dalhousie Arts Centre
  • Simone LeBlanc, Continuing Education
    William Louch, Safety Office
  • Andrew Wainwright, English
  • Elizabeth Bednarski, French
  • Nathan Brett, Philosophy
  • Susan Sherwin, Philosophy
  • Robert Boardman, Political Science
  • Jerome Davis, Political Science
  • Jerome Barklow, Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • Peter Clark, Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • James Stolzman, Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • David Overton, Theatre
  • Robert Keating, Facilities Management
  • Gordon LeRue, Facilities Management
  • Brian McIsaac, Facilities Management
  • Harold Slaunwhite, Facilities Management
  • Morven Gentleman, Computer Science
  • Allan Jost, Computer Science
  • Elliott Sutow, Applied Oral Science
  • Heather Haskins, Dental Clinic
  • Carol Oliver, Dental Clinic
  • Glenda Butt, Dental Hygiene
  • William Hart, Civil and Resource Engineering
  • Brian Liekens, Civil and Resource Engineering
  • Stewart Carr, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dale Retallack, Mechanical Engineering
  • Joann Scott, Process Engineering and Applied Science
  • Nila Ipson, Health and Human Performance
  • Denise Sommerfeld, Nursing
  • Sheila Bands, Occupational Therapy
  • Anne Carswell, Occupational Therapy
  • Jeanne Fay, Social Work
  • Hugh Kindred, Faculty of Law
  • Heather MacLeod, Law, Dean’s Office
  • Charles Dirksen, Business Administration
  • Laird Mealiea, Business Administration
  • David Hopkins, Anatomy and Neurobiology
  • John Rutherford, Anatomy and Neurobiology
  • Michael Gray, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Karen Mann, Medical Education
  • Ronald Stewart, Medical Education
  • Rekha Gupta, Pathology
  • Gladys Keddy, Pediatrics
  • Harold Robertson, Pharmacology
  • Andrew French, Physiology and Biophysics
  • Terence McDonald, Physiology and Biophysics
  • Renn Holness, Surgery
  • Jeanne Breckenridge, Biology
  • David Patriquin, Biology
  • Elizabeth Retallack, Biology
  • Stanley Cameron, Chemistry
  • Amares Chatt, Chemistry
  • James Pincock, Chemistry
  • Donna Silvert, Chemistry
  • Kok-Keong Tan, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Hans Kreuzer, Physics and Atmospheric Science
  • Walter Zukauskas, Physics and Atmospheric Science
  • Andrea Larade, Financial Services
  • Carl Breckenridge, President’s Office
  • Timothy Maloney, President’s Office
  • Bryan Mason, President’s Office
  • Diane Courrier, Student Service Centre
  • Robin Robertson, University Library
  • Donna Richardson, University Library
  • Richard Gallagher, Human Resources
  • Raymond Harnum, Human Resources



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