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Making a difference at Dal: Daniel Clark

- May 1, 2007

When Daniel Clark began university back in the 1990s, he immediately became enthusiastic at the variety of opportunities for involvement that Dalhousie offered to become involved. "I went to a high school that didn't offer a lot of clubs or groups to join," he says. "That led me to becoming overly involved at Dalhousie," he added, laughing.

After taking some time to work as a market research manager at Roche Pharmaceuticals,
Clark has since returned to Dalhousie and completing an Honors degree in Psychology. Although pursuing a different degree, one thing remains to be the same: Clark's dedication and commitment to Dalhousie. 

Clark serves as a resident assistant at Howe Hall and a Board of Governors representative. His role on the Board of Governors indirectly links him to being on the Dalhousie Student Union council, as well as associated board committees. Clark has cultivated a long standing relationship with the DSU, which was recognized this year when he received the prestigious Lilly Ju award. The award recognizes a student for his or her outstanding contribution to the DSU over a lengthy period of time, highlighting efforts of going above and beyond the reasonable expectations of their position.

A center for the university

Clark believes that the DSU is an influential and significant part of the university experience. "You see a lot of commuter students drive in in the morning, go to their classes, and then drive home again," says Clark. "Sometimes it doesn't seem like they have a connection with the other students. Similarly, kids that are living in residence sometimes get caught up in their residence bubble, and have a hard time meeting new people as well. I believe that an effective DSU creates a center for the university, one which enables students from all different categories to come together," explains Clark. By becoming involved in the DSU, Clark has been striving towards goals such as clearer communication amongst groups within and throughout campus.

Clark reinforces his beliefs about the importance of getting involved while being in university. "When I first came to Dal, they took us around and showed us the different societies and ways to become involved," exclaims Clark. "I couldn't help but get excited. You do some things because you have to, not because they inspire you. Other things you do because they excite you and you enjoy doing them. Those activities tend to make you the best person you can be."


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