Hire a Student

Engaged, enthusiastic employees

The School for Resource and Environmental Studies (SRES) could be the perfect resource for your business or organization. Year after year, we start with hard-working, intelligent grad students and add stimulating coursework, interdisciplinary exposure and challenging discussions. The result? Well-educated, highly engaged interns who are ready to help tackle your real-world resource and environmental sustainability challenges.

Experience that works for you

Since our students come from a variety of educational backgrounds, chances are good that you’ll find an intern with that special skill set you’re looking for. Need a lawyer or an engineer? Maybe an arts major? We’ve had all these and more pass through our Master of Resource and Environmental Management (MREM) program.

Why hire an intern?

There are abundant reasons to hire an intern. Not only does an internship give you the opportunity to try out a potential long-term employee, our interns are:

Focused: Have someone fully dedicated to your specific problem or opportunity.

Well-trained: Not only do our MREM students have varied educational backgrounds, they also have in-depth knowledge of resource and environmental sustainability issues.

Engaged: The students who enter our program are keen to work in their field and are genuinely interested in resource and environmental issues.

Willing to learn: An intern is a fresh slate, ready to learn the specifics of your industry and organization.

Find the intern that fits your needs.



Brenda Smart
MREM Internship Coordinator