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Dalhousie's Physics and Atmospheric Science Department offers one of the best university-based research centres in Canada. Our professors are not only driven to succeed in their own research careers, they also want to ensure their students achieve academic success and are willing to share their expertise both inside and outside the classroom (many have an open-door office hours policy).

With a wide range of classes to choose from, you'll develop a strong foundation in physics and atmospheric science. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to discover which area interests you the most, from meteorology and assessing global weather patterns to applied physics and developing sustainable energy sources.

And with hundreds of thousands of research funding dollars brought in by our faculty members each year, you'll have the opportunity to apply for student research positions at the undergraduate level. As a graduate student, depending who you choose as your advisor, you could be provided with a fellowship or stipend that covers part or all of your educational expenses.

Plus, with dedicated lounge areas at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, you're sure to enjoy lively discussion with your peers. You could join a study group or join DUPS, the Physics and Atmospheric Science Department's student society--either way, Dal's Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science has a place for you.

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CAP (Canadian Association of Physicists): Resources for High School Students and Parents

With a Physics degree, you have many opportunities in the future.  Watch the videos below to see a few possibilities!