Student Success, Engagement, and Diversity

The Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science is committed to improving the experience of our students. We want to build a community where you get the help you need to succeed, have the chance to engage in communication with others, and enjoy a diversity of experiences in a welcoming environment.

Our Student Success, Engagement and Diversity Committee (SSEDCo) is a department-level committee consisting of professors and students. Our mandate is as follows:

  • To support students in successfully completing studies in physics and atmospheric science.
  • To promote healthy dialogue between students, and between faculty and students.
  • To promote a sense of belonging and celebrate a diversity of identities and perspectives in the department.
  • To publicize the department’s effort to promote student success, engagement and diversity.
  • To increase and diversify enrolment in physics and atmospheric science by removing barriers to access and promoting our values.
In Fall 2020, we will be sharing more information on our:

  • 2020/2021 Events Calendar
  • Ongoing Initiatives
  • Past Successes
  • Anti-Racism Action

Want to know more? Want to get involved?

Please contact the SSEDCo Chair, Dr. Tim Bardouille