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Department of Economics Dal 200 Celebrations

Posted by Talan Iscan on October 15, 2018 in News

The department hosted two events on Sept. 29, organized by our own alumni: a participatory conference and a panel discussion on the theme Canada 2050: The Economy We Want. Both events were skillfully organized under the leadership of Jamie Charlebois (MDE 2012), who deserves recognition for his tremendous energy and dedication to inclusive debate. The conference inspired wide-ranging debate and a robust exchange of ideas about areas that need urgent attention in order to create a more prosperous Canada. The panel discussion drew attention to the needs and aspirations of diverse members of our society. It was rewarding to see our alumni engage in economic and social issues, and to watch new connections emerge and grow within our community. I walked away from these events thinking of ways to improve my own teaching and research so that my students consider the economy as something they can shape rather than a monster that shapes them. We will share more about these events in the winter edition of EconMatters.

Talan Iscan,
Professor and Chair
Department of Economics