Research Seminar: Assistant Professor Position, Environmental Geoscience - Dr. Hongxing He

Research Seminar
Assistant Professor Position
Environmental Geoscience
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Dalhousie University

Dr. Hongxing He
Post-doctoral Researcher
Department of Geography
McGill University

Title: Land Use Change and Greenhouse Gases: From Pristine Ecosystem to Understand Management

Abstract: Climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are one of the major challenges to the humankind of 21st Century. Among the global carbon budget, land use change is still the most uncertainty sector. This talk presents research that combines field-based measurements, process-based modeling to provide new insights into the land use change on GHG fluxes across a range of spatial and temporal scales, and from different ecosystems. With the coming Carbon Cap and trade in Atlantic Canada, industries, landowners, and government agencies urgently need knowledge of GHG emission quantification, process control, and trajectories of emissions under climate change and various management scenarios. This research will provide findings and simulation tools as key to improve our understandings of the GHG emissions and biogeochemistry under various management conditions, predicting current and future contributions of land use to climate change, which is highly relevant for polices aiming to climate mitigation.




Format: In-person
Milligan Room, 8th Floor Biology-Earth Sciences Wing, Life Sciences Centre, Dalhousie University