2019 Schedule of Courses 

Download the LIST of COURSES for 2019 [pdf 72 KB]

The table below will have links to instructor emails and draft syllabi as they become available. In the meantime you may find copies of previous year's syllabi on the Biology Dept web page. 


Course subject & number Course Name Course dates Days Notes about field trips Instructor
BIOL 3630.03 Field Methods in Animal Behaviour April 27-May 12 MTWRF Sat Day trips only, for about the 1st week; afterwards  students work on independent projects on their own A. Horn
BIOL / MARI 3221.03 Diversity of Algae May 6-28 MTWRF Sat Day trips only; expect at least one on a Saturday; not offered  summer 2020 B. Hymes
BIOL 3228.03 Medical Entomology May 13-28 MTWRF Sat Overnight trip to Harrison Lewis Centre, Port Joli, NS, plus day trips T. Rossolimo
BIOL 3622.03 Ornithology May 13-28 MTWRF SatSun Week-long overnight trip to Harrison Lewis Centre May 19-25; expect long days starting before sunrise S. Gutowsky
BIOL 3639.03 Herpetology May 29-June 13 MTWRF SatSun Several day or evening trips in HRM; overnight trip for 3 consecutive days to Kejimkujik T. Imlay
BIOL 4810.03 Species at Risk Field Course (Special Topics in Ecology) May 29-June 13 MTWRF SatSun Approx. 7-10 days camping in Southwestern NS, in and around Kejimkujik NP and/or Cape Breton HNP C. Staicer
MARI 3604.03 Field Aquaculture May 29-June 13 MTWRF      Sat Field trips (5 days, including overnight and day trips) D. Ibarra
BIOL 3327.03 Entomology June 14-30 MTWRF      Sat Day trips only T. Rossolimo
BIOL / ENVS / GEOG / MARI 3633.03 Spatial Information & GIS in Ecology June 14-28 MTWRF SatSun Day trips from Halifax P.  Bush
MARI 3627.03 Biology & Conservation of Sharks, Skates & Rays June 14-30 MTWRF One day-long boat trip to tag sharks; day trip(s) to DFO. M. Drueil & C. Harvey- Clark
BIOL 3640.06 Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity (Sri Lanka Field Course) June 24-Aug 5 MTWRF SatSun International field trip for 22 days to Sri Lanka; course starts and finishes at Dalhousie; supplemental application required R. Rajaselvam, A. Gunawardena, G. Hitinayake, P. Bentzen, C. Staicer
BIOL / ENVS / MARI 3623.03 Coastal Ecology July 2-19 MTWRF Six field trips: 5 day-long trips by bus; 1 partial day, walking J. Frail-Gauthier
BIOL 2601.03 & BIOL 3219.03 Flora of Nova Scotia July 2-19 MTWRF Day trips from Dal (non-majors version BIOL 2601 held with majors version BIOL 3219) M. Munro
BIOL / MARI / OCEA 3003.03 Intro. to Field Oceanography July 22-Aug 9 MTWRF Frequent day trips by boat, leaving from the dock near Dalhousie. L. DeGeleke
BIOL / MARI 3626.03 (01) Field Studies of Marine Mammals (section 1) July 25-Aug 12 MTWRF SatSun Camping trip of 5 days, 4 nights, to Digby Neck, with day trips on whale-watch boats on Brier Island, NS D. Lidgard  & D. Austin
BIOL / MARI 3626.03 (01) Field Studies of Marine Mammals (section 2) Aug 13-30 MTWRF SatSun Camping trip of 5 days, 4 nights, August 19-23, day trips on whale-watch boat, Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton, NS D. Orbach
BIOL / MARI 3680.03 Scientific Diving Methods in Ecology Aug 14-30 MTWRF SatSun Daily scuba diving trips pending sea conditions; must be certified scuba diver; supplemental application required R.Fairweather & J. Lindley
BIOL 4811.03 (with MARI content) Indigenous Perspectives on Conservation Biology (Special Topics) Aug 14-30 MTWRF SatSun Approx. 7 days away from campus, camping at various locations in Nova Scotia J. Ferrier