How to Register

Registration procedure for SEASIDE classes


Step 1.  Decide which SEASIDE course(s) you would like to take. You can take just 1 or up to 5 courses in one summer as long as they don’t overlap. If you have questions, contact the SEASIDE office at, the Program director,, or the class instructor.

Step 2. Fill out the online SEASIDE online application:

Please Note:  The online application for Summer 2019 SEASIDE courses will open  at 9 AM on January 14, 2019. Seats in courses are not necessarily first-come, first-served. Permission to take courses in high demand will be decided according to qualifying criteria, including degree program, whether co-op, year in program, grades, interest in the course, and need for that particular course, as well course pre-requisites satisfied. To apply, you will need a copy of your unoffical transcripts.

Note that the Sri Lanka field course (MARI 3640) and the diving course (BIOL/MARI 3680) require additional form and requirements.

Click here for the BIOL/MARI 3680 application packet [1.2 MB].

Click here for the BIOL 3640 application packet [404 KB].  Note: DEADLINE January 31

Step 3. Once you have been notified that you have a seat in a specific course, you will have 5 days to pay your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to save your seat. Otherwise your seat will be offered to the next student in line.  We strongly recommend that you pay in person to ensure that the deposit is applied to the appropriate account.  If you pay by electronic banking it's crucial that you email with your name, ID number, the courses for which you have paid the deposits. Please copy that e-mail to to let us know that you have paid your deposit and so that we can follow up if there are any problems. 

Please Note: Once we have been notified by Student Accounts that your deposit has been paid, you will be given permission (an electronic signature from the SEASIDE office) to register for the class. There is a delay of a few working days between the date you pay your deposits and the date that Student Accounts notifies us. Deposits will be refunded if a class is cancelled due to low enrolment.  Deposits will NOT normally be refunded if you later decide not to take the course.

Step 4. Register online, after you have been notified by email that you are cleared to register in the class. Dalhousie On-line Registration for Spring and Summer classes begins on February 25, 2019.

Step 5: When notified by student accounts (usually in early May), pay the remainder of your Auxiliary Fee plus your Dal tuition to Student Accounts using Dal online. The deposit(s) you have paid will be credited towards your auxiliary fees when you register.

Important information for non-Dalhousie students

If you are not a Dal science student, please contact Student Accounts to inquire about tuition costs.

If you are an undergraduate student at another university and you would like to receive credit toward your degree at your home university, please get a Letter of Permission from your Faculty Office of your home university AND apply to Dalhousie as a Visiting Student by applying for undergraduate admission.

If you are not an undergraduate student at any university and would simply like to take a class out of interest, you will still need to apply to Dalhousie by applying for undergraduate admission.

You may submit your SEASIDE Application while your Dalhousie application is in process. Fees can't be paid without a Dalhousie student number, so the remaining steps must wait until you have been admitted to Dalhousie and have been assigned a Dalhousie student number (B00______). Please don't delay in applying to Dalhousie, as the process can take some time.