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Program Details


The SEASIDE summer program is a great way to spend part of your summer in the field, learning practical skills and applying the theorical knowledge you have learned in the classroom. You'll gain ecologically-relevant training in field, lab, and other practical scientific techniques. These courses are intense, and require a student's complete attention for the duration of the course.

For Summer 2018

SEASIDE is offering 18 courses, each equivalent to a one-term class of 3 credit hours. Some are cross-listed as Biology (BIOL), Marine Biology (MARI), Oceanography (OCEA), Environmental Science (ENVS), or Geography (GEOG). These classes are offered ONLY in the summer term. All have field trips, some have boat trips, some have overnight trips of 1-7 days while others have only day trips. One (MARI 3682) has an international field trip to Belize, Central America.  

View the list of classes for Summer 2018 [pdf 114 KB]

PLEASE NOTE: You must apply online and be accepted into a class. Once accepted, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place in each class, before you will receive permission to register. (Deposits for international courses are higher, similar to the cost of an air ticket.)

Apply early, as all places in some classes may be reserved by the time online registration begins on February 26. See How to Register for more details. All classes carry an auxiliary fee in addition to regular tuition to cover field-related expenses.

Auxiliary fees will be announced before deposits are due. Note that for MARI 3627 (Biology & Conservation of Sharks, Skates & Rays), auxiliary fees are expected to approximately double because boat time can no longer be subsidized.