Research Opportunities & Experiential Learning

Involvement in Research and Experiential Learning are integral to an undergraduate education in biology and marine biology. Dalhousie University is one of 15 research-intensive universities in Canada and offers many opportunities for hands-on learning. Below are several courses and two programs designed to allow students to conduct research and gain scientific skills by working outside-the-classroom in research labs, industry or government.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information on these courses and refer to the Academic Timetable for a list of courses offered in a particular term.

Independent Research Courses

Courses where students conduct supervised, independent research in Biology or Marine Biology subject areas.

  • BIOL 4806 Independent Research I
  • BIOL 4807 Independent Research II 
  • BIOL 4809 Independent Research III
  • MARI 4806 Independent Research I 
  • MARI 4807 Independent Research II
  • MARI 4809 Independent Research III

Experiential Learning Courses

Experiential Learning recognizes outside-of-classroom internships yielding a learning experience relevant to the program outside the scheduled curriculum.

  • BIOL 3800 Experiential Learning 
  • MARI 3800 Experiential Learning

Special Topics

Enables students to study an area of Biology or Marine Biology not covered in other courses and usually involves a research component. 

  • BIOL 4810 Special Topics in Ecology
  • BIOL 4811 Special Topics 

SEASIDE summer courses

The SEASIDE program offers summer courses providing students with hands-on training in species identification, sampling, conducting research, and other practical skills.

  • BIOL 3622 Ornithology 
  • BIOL 3626 Field Studies of Marine Mammals
  • BIOL 3630 Field Methods in Animal Behaviour
  • BIOL 3633 Spatial Information and GIS in Ecology
  • MARI 3628 Marine Ornithology
  • MARI 3626 Field Studies of Marine Mammals
  • MARI 3633 Spatial Information and GIS in Ecology

Other research intensive courses

These are courses offered in the fall involving field work and/or lab work, data analysis and report writing.

  • BIOL 3614 Field Ecology
  • MARI 3604 Field Aquaculture

Co-op Program

The Co-op program combines academic study with paid career-related work experience.

Honours Program

The Honours program gives students the opportunity to conduct a large research project over the course of a full academic year.