Co‑op Program

Gain on-the-job experience during your degree

Students in the Biology and Marine Biology Co-op programs combine academic study with paid career-related work experience. By alternating academic and work terms, students gain career-related experience and apply class-based knowledge in the real world. Work terms provide valuable information on which career decisions can be based. At the same time, Co-op students earn salaries during their work-terms which may offset academic costs.  

Explore career options in your field

The Co-op programs are quite flexible in many aspects, and students can arrange the program around an Honours degree, a Majors degree, and combined degrees. Co-op degrees require three successful work-terms, at least one of which must be in a fall or winter term. Aside from SCIE 2800.00, which is a non-credit class given by staff in the Science Co-op Office, and work terms, the class and credit requirements for Co-op degrees are identical to those normally required for Biology or Marine Biology Majors and Honours degrees.

Students can apply for Co-op after either their first or second year of study, and must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be considered.

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More Information

For details of the requirements for a degree in biology, see the Degree Checklists page or contact an academic advisor.