Biology & Marine Course Syllabus

The following courses will be offered in the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Note: updated sylllabus will be uploaded as they come in.

Note: All courses link to the academic timetable course description.

Course number   Course name Term Course
BIOL 1010   Principles of Biology Part l Fall PDF-222kB
BIOL 1011   Principles of Biology Part ll Winter PDF-255kB
BIOL 1020   Introductory Biology l Fall
BIOL 1020   Introductory Biology l Summer PDF-208kB
BIOL 1021   Introductory Biology ll Fall PDF-205kB
BIOL 1021   Introductory Biology ll Summer PDF-205kB
BIOL 1021   Introductory Biology ll Winter PDF-580kB
BIOL 2003   Diversity of Life l Fall PDF-367kB
BIOL 2004   Diversity of Life ll Winter PDF-185kB
BIOL 2020   Cell Biology Fall PDF-202kB
BIOL 2020   Cell Biology Winter
BIOL 2030   Genetics and Molecular Biology Fall PDF-684kB
BIOL 2030   Genetics and Molecular Biology Winter PDF-696kB
BIOL 2040   Evolution Fall PDF-212kB
BIOL 2040   Evolution Winter PDF-212kB
BIOL 2111_SCIE 2112   Dal Scholars & Leaders: Becoming a Scientist 1 & 11 Fall_Winter PDF -206kB
BIOL 2060   Introductory Ecology Fall PDF-112kB
BIOL 2060   Introductory Ecology Winter PDF-668kB
BIOL 2601
  Flora of Nova Scotia Summer
BIOL 2605   Marine Life of Nova Scotia Summer PDF-232kB
BIOL 3003   Introduction to Field Oceanography
Summer PDF-648kB
BIOL 3037   Life Rewritten: Gene Editing & Synthetic Biology Winter PDF-307kB
BIOL_MARI 3042   Molecular Ecology  Winter PDF-188kB
BIOL 3044   Ecological Genetics  Winter PDF-844kB
BIOL 3046   Molecular Evolution  Fall PDF-224kB
BIOL 3050   Developmental Biology  Fall PDF-184kB
BIOL 3060   Environmental Ecology  Winter PDF-588kB
BIOL 3061   Communities & Ecosystems  Fall PDF-228kB
BIOL 3062   Behavioural Ecology Winter PDF-181kB
BIOL 3063   Resource Ecology Winter PDF-180kB
BIOL 3065   Conservation Biology Winter PDF-268kB
BIOL 3078   Animal Physiology Part I  Fall PDF-221kB
BIOL 3079   Animal Physiology Part II  Winter PDF-184kB
BIOL_MARI_3080   Ecology and Evolution of Fishes Winter PDF-204kB
MARI 3090   Marine Mammalogy Fall PDF-428kB
BIOL 3101   Microbial Ecology  Fall PDF-204kB
BIOL 3102   Microbial Eukaryotes: Biodiversity & Evolution Fall PDF-193kB
BIOL 3221   Diversity of Algae
Summer PDF-156kB
BIOL 3225   Plants in the Human Landscape Winter PDF-562kB
BIOL 3226   Economic Botany, Plants and Civilization  Fall PDF-584kB
BIOL_MARI_3301   Invertebrate Biology  Winter PDF-604kB
BIOL 3322   Parasitology Fall PDF-136kB
BIOL 3326   Vertebrate Design: Evolution & Function  Fall PDF-528kB
BIOL 3327   Entomology
Summer PDF-88kB
BIOL 3328   Medical Entomology
Summer PDF-92kB
BIOL 3336   Vertebrate Functional Morphology Winter PDF-152kB
BIOL 3370   Comparative Animal Physiology Fall PDF-228kB
BIOL 3371   Laboratory in Comparative Animal Physiology Winter PDF-249kB
BIOL 3421   Comparative Vertebrate Histology Winter PDF-24kB
BIOL 3430   Introduction to Human Histology
BIOL 3580   Philosophy of Biology Fall PDF-108Kb
BIOL 3601   Nature Conservation Winter PDF-609kB
BIOL 3602   History of Biology Fall PDF-121kB
BIOL_MARI 3603   Practical Aquaculture Winter PDF-198KB
BIOL 3622   Ornithology Summer PDF-228kB
BIOL 3623   Coastal Ecology
Summer PDF-424kB
BIOL 3626   Field Studies of Marine Mammals Summer PDF-508kB
BIOL 3628   Marine Ornithology Summer PDF-700kB
BIOL 3630   Field Methods in Animal Behaviour Summer PDF-184kB
BIOL 3633   Spatial Information and GIS in Ecology Summer PDF-564kB
BIOL 3634   Agroforestry Summer PDF-718kB
BIOL 3639   Herpetology Summer PDF-396kB
BIOL 3640   Tropical Ecology & Biodiversity Field Class   Summer PDF-344kB
BIOL 3664   Intertidal Ecology and Diversity Summer PDF-776kB
BIOL 3761   Marine Ecology  Fall PDF-184kB
BIOL 3872   The Biologist's Toolkit Winter PDF-215kB
BIOL 4001   Environmental Impact Assessment  Fall PDF-195KB
BIOL 4004   Principles of Indigenous Medicine Winter PDF-261kB
BIOL 4020   Advanced Cell Biology Fall PDF-228kB
BIOL 4020   Advanced Cell Biology Winter PDF-228kB
BIOL 4039   Special Topics: Diversifying Conservation Biology Winter PDF-210kB
BIOL 4062
  Analysis of Biological Data Fall PDF-939kB
BIOL 4065   Sustainability and Complexity
Fall   PDF-166kB
BIOL4069   Statistical Rethinking: Applied Bayesian Fall PDF-477kB
BIOL 4080   Laboratory Study of Fishes Winter PDF-628kB
MARI 4215_5215   Marine Plants in the 21st Century Winter PDF-997kB
BIOL 4220   Plant Cell Biology  Fall PDF-211kB
BIOL 4323   Biologging & Biotelemetry Winter PDF-244kB
MARI 4350   Cutting Edge in Marine Science Winter PDF-1023kB
BIOL 4369   Fisheries Oceanography Winter PDF-140kB
BIOL 4370   Deep-Sea Biology Fall PDF-160kB
BIOL 4510   Cultural Evolution Winter PDF-198 kB
BIOL 4660_MARI_5660   Ecosystem Modelling for Aquaculture Fall PDF-301kB
BIOL 4661   Biological Oceanography Winter PDF-196kB
BIOL 4662   Biology of Phytoplankton Winter PDF-152kB
BIOL_MARI_4664   History of Marine Sciences Summer PDF-270kB
BIOL 4806_07_09   Independent Research I,II, and III BIOL 4806_4807_4809 F/W/S PDF-491KB
BIOL 4880   Communicating science for societal impact
Winter PDF-304kB
BIOL 4811   Special Topics   Winter PDF-134kB
BIOL 4850   Geographic Info Science Research Project Winter PDF-220kB
BIOL 4901_4902
  Honours Research and Thesis I & II
F/W PDF 220kB
BIOL 5062   Analysis of Biological Data Fall PDF-242kB
BIOL 5220   Plant Cell Biology   Fall PDF-250kB
BIOL 5510   Cultural Evolution Winter PDF -248KB
BIOL 5660
  Ecosystem Modelling for Aquaculture Fall PDF-805KB
BIOL 5602
  Introduction to Aquaculture Winter PDF-213kB
BIOL5604_MARI_3604   Field Aquaculture Summer PDF-395kB
BIOL 5665   Hacking the blue planet Fall PDF-616kB