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Management News from Dal News

  • CDL Atlantic graduate company helping to lower energy costs for Canadians
    EnergyX Solutions Inc, a graduate company of CDL Atlantic co-founded by a Dal alumnus, is making its way to Atlantic Canada, with the goal of helping homes and businesses lower their energy usage through Artificial Intelligence.
  • In defence of 'ultra‑processed' foods
    Processed foods can be nutritious as well as economical and convenient, write Dal researchers Sylvain Charlebois and Janet Music. They say we should stop demonizing processed foods, and ease up on those who turn to them for convenience and price.
  • Getting in touch: Dal student invites you to text a tree
    Resource and Environmental Management student Julietta Sorensen Kass is offering Halifax residents and visitors alike the chance to exchange texts this summer with some of the towering trees that call the Public Gardens home.
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