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Faculty present new research at May Research Day

Posted by Connor Dalton on July 24, 2023 in Research

On May 18, faculty, staff, and students came together to hear about new research being conducted in the Faculty of Management.

Faculty shared their research on topics such as decolonizing vocabularies, citations on Twitter, how companies should market donations provided by customers, and many more.

Thank you to the following presenters for speaking about your work and to our guests for the engaging discussions.

  • Philippe Mongeon – Do you cite what you tweet?
  • Justin McManus – Do ads that attribute corporate giving to customers (vs. the brand) increase brand trust and future donation intention?
  • Jun Zhou – Corporate payout and the COVID-19 crisis
  • Stacy Allison-Cassin  – Decolonizing vocabularies and the respectful terminologies project
  • Camilo Botero – Coastal scenery and tourism on Nova Scotian beaches: What we know and what we will expect to know
  • Bo Yu and Jenny Chen – Ethical or unethical? How consumers think about returns
  • Rémi Toupin – Comparing the scholarly and public attention to marine conservation research: A bibliometrics perspective
  • Sherry Pictou – Indigenous governance: Gender, environment, health, & water
  • Kent Williams – Impact research: Positions and strategies