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Faculty of Management research stars

Posted by Mallory Rae on January 25, 2022 in Research, News, Awards

In November, the Faculty of Management presented the 2020/2021 Research Awards to our three incredible winners.

Rising Research Star: Dr. Andrew Medeiros

The Rising Star Award is given to an early career researcher who holds a pre-tenure appointment and is based on research output in the award year. Taken into account is the number of publications, their quality metrics, the number and type of grants and their value, as well as a qualitative discussion.

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Medeiros, assistant professor in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies. Andrew published seven journal articles on water supply, water characteristics and the ecology of water ecosystems in the Canadian Arctic, Manitoba and Sable Island. His work appeared in high-quality journals such as Ecology and Evolution and the Journal of Biogeography. He was awarded funding for his research via an NSERC Discovery Grant and NSERC Northern Research Supplement.

Research Star: Dr. M. Ali Ülkü

The Faculty of Management's Research Star Award is presented to an established researcher who holds a tenured appointment. It is based on research output in the award year and the number of publications, their quality metrics, the number and type of grants and their value, as well as a qualitative discussion.

Dr. Ali Ülkü is a professor in the Rowe School of Business. During the 2020–2021 academic year, he published four articles in high-quality journals and six book chapters on sustainable production and consumption, supply chain analytics and the circular economy. His research papers appeared in such top-notch publications as the Journal of Cleaner Production and the International Journal of Production Research. He co-edited a book titled Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management: Theory and Applications. His research was funded by a large New Harvest Fellowship Grant from the USA and by other grants from MITACS and Global Affairs Canada.

Research Impact Award: Dr. Bertrum MacDonald

This year’s Research Impact Award was based on nominations solicited from members of the Faculty of Management. The definition of research impact was left open to interpretation by the faculty members.

Congratulations to Dr. Bertrum MacDonald of the School for Information Management. As a senior faculty member in the School, Bertrum has had a distinguished career as a researcher. His research has been recognized with the Marie Tremaine Medal (the highest honour awarded by the Canadian Bibliographical Society) and a Dibner Library Resident Scholar Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution, in addition to SSHRC and CFREF grants totalling nearly $1 million. Bertrum’s leadership of the EIUI: Environmental Information: Use and Influence group over the past decade has been one of his most significant and far-reaching research initiatives. This research group focuses on the complex interface of scientific information and policy decisions, using marine environmental and fisheries information as case studies.