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Getting to know your staff: Chantelle Falconer

Posted by Mallory Rae on January 21, 2022 in News

Chantelle Falconer has been with the Faculty of Management for just four months as a Research Facilitator, but she has a long history here at Dalhousie. In 2001 Chantelle was completing an undergraduate degree at Dalhousie and working at Dalplex as a group fitness instructor teaching kick boxing and Zumba.

Chantelle’s top priority in her role as Research Facilitator is reviewing research grants for members of the Faculty of Management. She provides comments and feedback so that faculty members’ grant proposals meet all the requirements of the granting agencies. Other projects Chantelle works on include developing workshops, research awards, research posters and supporting the Associate Dean (Research).

Chantelle’s favourite part of her job is being able to continue learning. Her role being very new and in a faculty new to her means she is exposed to a lot of new procedures and research topics. She gets to learn about all the research going on in the Faculty as well as how different researchers approach their projects. The common thread in all of the projects Chantelle has been part of is meeting people, learning about them, learning about what they're doing in their jobs.

Chantelle began her path in academics after taking her first Anthropology class. She had started her undergrad without a clear idea of her career path, but before attending Dalhousie she had taken a gap year and did an exchange program in Ecuador. Her experience there, combined with what she learned in the first Anthropology class, helped Chantelle realize that she is really passionate about people—how they lived and worked—and that theme has continued throughout her academic and professional career.

Once it is safe to travel again, Chantelle’s first trip will be to family and friends she hasn’t seen for a long time. After that, her top destinations are Bolivia to see the Salt Plains and Cuba to enjoy the beautiful warm weather and see a friend from her undergraduate studies at Dalhousie.

Chantelle has three young children so that doesn’t leave her a lot of time for hobbies but when she does have free time she is walking, jogging or gardening. You can see Chantelle (when we return to Campus) in the hallways of the Rowe Building with her bike on her way in and out of work—snow, rain or shine.

Pictured right: A beautiful beach near Pictou with favourite little swimmers Emilio, Rhys and Corbin