Choosing to do an Entrepreneurial Work Term

Students wishing to pursue their own business venture can complete an Entrepreneurial Work Term (EWT) as part of their co-op degree requirements.

Every student completing an EWT will be paired with an appropriate business coach to mentor and provide resources throughout the work term. 

Student Eligibility

Commerce students can complete an EWT (partnered or individually) during any of the three designated co-op work terms. You may apply an EWT to more than one work term. Enrolling in more than one EWT can help to further develop your business model and operation.

Management Internship and Corporate Residency MBA students have one opportunity to complete an EWT according to when their internship/corporate residency is scheduled.

Venture Eligibility

Student may choose to pursue a business they already own/operate or begin a new business venture. Purchasing an existing business could also qualify for an EWT.

Your business does not need to make a profit in order to be approved or receive credit. You will be assessed according to your development as an entrepreneur, your entrepreneurial skill development and your ability to identify venture-related goals.

Application Process

To be considered to participate in an Entrepreneurial Work Term students are required to complete the following four steps:

1.    Submit an Expression of interest – Maximum of 3 pages outlining the description of your proposed venture, business objectives, your intended monthly activities and skills that will be developed

2.    Submit a Draft Business Plan – a faculty member will review all business plans and provide feedback for improvement

3.    Submit a Final Business Plan – using the feedback from faculty, students can then improve their business plan

4.    Present their EWT Proposal – students present their proposal for a maximum of 10 minutes; a panel will ask questions and evaluate if the proposal meets the requirements for an EWT

Students approved for an EWT must complete a presentation on their EWT experience at the conclusion of their EWT. During this short presentation, students are asked to summarize their EWT by identifying goals set and achieved, as well as describing the business skills developed.  Students completing an EWT must complete the work term report for their course as required for all students in order to obtain academic credit for their work term.

The process to apply for an Entrepreneurial Work Term begins 4 months prior to the term the student wished to do their EWT in.  The information below outlines general deadlines, but each term specific deadlines will be provided to interested students.  

Winter Work Term:      Apply in Fall Term (deadline will be Mid-October)

Summer Work Term:    Apply in Winter Term (deadline will be Mid-February)

Fall Work Term:           Apply in Summer Term (deadline will be Mid-June)

Ventures can have no more than one partner and late applications will not be considered.


For more resources, including funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, visit our directory of online resources.

For more information about Entrepreneurial Work Terms (EWT) contact Management Career Services