Health Teams ‑ Health(y)care: recognizing and addressing burnout

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Dates: September 19, 26 & October 3, 2023
Delivery: In person - CHEB
Lead Faculty Contacts: Ben Tait, Kim Sponagle Janet Pothier, Anu Mishra, Diane MacKenzie

Course Description:
The goals of this IPE mini ourse are to educate students about the wellness/mental health related challenges healthcare providers and students in healthcare professions encounter and to empower students to look-out for and support members of other healthcare professions, while also prioritizing their own well-being as they move through their education and career.  

Often healthcare provider wellness is viewed through a uni-professional (one professional only) lens without a focus on how individual healthcare professionals’ wellbeing or struggles might impact interprofessional (multiple professions working together) team functioning. This course examines these issues through a lens of interprofessional collaboration and communication and encourages students to reflect on how healthy functioning of interprofessional teams can help create supportive environments that promote the mental health of team members. This course will also examine how healthy team functioning can be affected if healthcare provider wellness is not supported. Students will learn about many of the current issues/topics in this area, how to apply this knowledge to support fellow students/colleagues who may be struggling, and how to build personal resiliency skills.   

We encourage students to reflect not only on how healthcare provider wellness affects their own approaches to their work on interprofessional teams, but also on how it impacts the functioning of interprofessional teams, and the potential impacts healthcare professional wellness has on quality care for patients/clients.