Health Care Team Challenge

A student team waits to present at the 2015 Health Care Team Challenge. (Nick Pearce photo)

MARCH 7, 2019

6:00 - 9:00 PM



What is a Health Care Team Challenge (HCTC)?

Interprofessional teams of students face off in a friendly competition to showcase interprofessional competencies and person-centred care.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

Who can participate, and how?

  • Students from any health-related program (students registered in the Faculties of Health, Dentistry and Medicine).
  • Either form your own interprofessional team or apply to participate and be assigned to a interprofessional team.
  • Teams may include up to 6 students per team, with no more than two members from the same health profession.

What is involved?

  • Teams will be provided with information on a case and prepare an interprofessional care plan.
  • At the competition, each team is given additional information about the case and presents to a panel of judges.

How are the teams judged?

  • Quality of care plans
  • Person-centred care
  • Community approach
  • Collaboration

Who do I contact for more information?