Dr. Rebecca Moyer


Dr. Rebecca Moyer
Associate Professor

BScH (Queen's),  BPHE(Queen's),  MPT(Western), PhD(Western)

Office: Room 316C, Forrest Building
Tel: (902) 494-2028
Email: rebecca.moyer@dal.ca

Research interests: Dr. Moyer’s clinical research program is focused on individuals with musculoskeletal conditions with a specialization in rehabilitative and surgical interventions for patients with osteoarthritis. Her work consists of various research designs that incorporate clinical gait biomechanics, radiographic, performance-based and patient-reported outcomes to improve mobility and activities of daily living. Dr. Moyer’s interests also include imaging outcome measures of disease progression using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – derived measures of knee and hip morphology, and their use in clinical research methods. This research aims to clarify the relationships between mechanical, biological and structural markers of osteoarthritis progression, how these markers differ across patients with osteoarthritis and how they respond to novel strategies. Visit Dynamics of Human Motion Lab (DOHM Lab) for more information.