Labs & Groups

Although the School of Physiotherapy may be housed in the oldest building on the Dalhousie campus, the Forrest building, its researchers are nothing short of cutting edge. Our faculty researchers pursue further study to develop their understanding of preventative measures and reactive treatments that promote mobility and functionality in patients.
Faculty in the School of Physiotherapy engage in a broad range of research investigation with labs crossing all areas of physiotherapy practice including:

Joint Action Research Lab (JAR LAB) The JAR LAB is a specialized human movement and balance assessment suite for advanced rehabilitation science.

Geriatric Medicine Research Group (GMR) The GMR operates under the umbrellas of the Centre for Health Care of the Elderly at Nova Scotia Health, and the Division of Geriatric MedicineĀ in the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie University.

Dynamics of Human Motion Lab (DOHM Lab) The DOHM Lab works to improve fundamental knowledge underlying movement disorders and tailored rehabilitation strategies, while simultaneously providing parameters to help identify patients most likely to benefit from targeted rehabilitation programs or surgical intervention.

Laboratory for Brain Recovery and Function (LBRF) The LBRF works toward optimizing the recovery of individuals with diseases or disorders of the nervous system by optimizing the treatment methods used during rehabilitation.

Rebel Rehabilitation, Balance and Exercise Lab Rebel Research focuses on four key areas: walking and balance, improving cognitive function, optimizing rehabilitation outcomes, and improving access to rehabilitation.

3f Research Group The goal of this group is to improve the effectiveness of and access to rehabilitation services to improve functional mobility by preventing falls and fractures.