Careers in Physiotherapy

Working in many different environments and caring for people across generations, physiotherapists primarily work in three practice areas: orthopaedics, neurology and cardiorespiratory.

Environments to consider

• clinics
• hospitals
• rehabilitation centres
• universities
• and private practices

Fields to consider

A diverse range of opportunities are available to physiotherapists.
Their focus may be to:
• alleviate pain
• increase coordination
• prevent and treat sports injuries
• restore and increase range of motion in joints
• assist injured individuals so they can return to work
• counsel and educate in pre-and post-natal care
• design 'user-friendly' or ergonomically-correct homes and workplaces
• educate clients in the use of devices such as canes, crutches and wheelchairs

Physiotherapists can also provide:
• assessment of movement, strength, endurance and other physical abilities
• assessment of the impact of an injury or disability on physical functioning
• assessment of physical preparation for work and sports
• program planning and education to restore movement and reduce pain; and,
• individualized treatment of an injury or disability based on scientific knowledge
• a thorough assessment of the condition, environmental factors and lifestyle

Alternative areas of specialization

Alternately, physiotherapists may chose to pursue further study and research in physiotherapy and help to develop our understanding of preventative measures and reactive treatments that promote mobility and functionality in patients.