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Dal Health gives back to school advice

Posted by Stephanie Brown on September 26, 2019 in News

School is back in session, and there are a lot of new faces around campus! We asked some Dal Health students, faculty and staff what advice they have for new students.

Dr. Heather Neyedli

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Heather's advice:

📚Go to class
🤝Get to know your profs
🗣Don’t isolate yourself - put yourself out there and find something you like to do
⌛️Don’t leave things until the last minute

Nnamdi Chiekwe

Fourth year student, Therapeutic Recreation

Nnamdi's advice:

🗓 read your syllabus and make a calendar
✔️ try new things, get out of your comfort zone
👋 ask for help when you need it
👥 find a good group of study buddies

Karen Landry

Senior Instructor, School of Occupational Therapy

Karen's advice:

😊 take time for yourself
👏 support one another
❓ use the resources available at Dal when you need help
❤️ be respectful of those around you

Keisha Jefferies

PhD in Nursing candidate

Keisha's advice:

📚 keep on top of your work
🎉 get excited about your studies and your goals
👋 become involved in groups on campus
👤 grad students: it can be isolating, so get together with colleagues as much as possible