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Site Tour of the Oulton‑Stanish Recreation and Events Facility

Posted by School of Health and Human Performance on March 4, 2024 in News

Recently, the Recreation Facility Design and Operations Management Class (LEIS 3370) at Dalhousie University, who are studying new building construction and renovations as part of their course curriculum, had the invaluable opportunity to explore the construction site of the new Oulton-Stanish Recreation and Events facility. Led by Julia Cairns, Senior Construction Project Manager for Dalhousie, and Nathan Barrett, Project Manager for EllisDon, the tour provided students with insights into the construction process, architectural considerations, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, Chris Keough, Associate Director, Facilities and Operations at Dalhousie, offered an insightful behind-the-scenes tour of Dalplex, showcasing the operational aspects that contribute to the facility's success. The site tour encompassed various aspects, including examining construction progress, studying construction drawings and renderings, and exploring critical systems such as pool filtration and building operations. The class gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intricate relationship between facility design, construction, and day-to-day operations of recreation facilities. Recreation facilities management is a dynamic and often overlooked career option within the broader field of recreation management. Recreation facilities are central hubs for community engagement, reducing social isolation and promoting healthy lifestyles. The role of facility managers and operators is crucial for the success of any recreation program happening withing their facilities. They ensure that spaces for recreational activities like sports leagues, fitness classes, community gatherings and events are safe, functional, accessible, inclusive and designed to provide a positive user experience.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to Julia, Nathan, Chris, Laurene, and Karen for facilitating this enriching opportunity for the LEIS 3370 class. Their expertise and willingness to share insights into recreation facility construction and operations has certainly contributed to a better understanding of the construction process and role of facility operators. Attached are some photos from the site tour. Pictured: Chris Keough, and his staff at Dalplex, LEIS 3370 class/Rec Management students and Jennie Greencorn, LEIS3370 Instructor and Executive Director, Recreation Facility Association of NS (RFANS).