Barbara Hamilton-HinchPhD

Associate Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies, and Assistant Vice‑Provost Equity and Inclusion


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Phone: (902) 494-3391
Mailing Address: 
School of Health and Human Performance
Dentistry Building
5981 University Avenue, Room 4210F
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, N.S. B3H 4R2

Research Topics:
  • HIV testing
  • Institutional racism
  • Racism and health
  • Prostate cancer
  • Diversity


  • PhD, Interdisciplinary 2008-2016 Dalhousie University
  • BEd, Secondary 2001-2003 Mount St. Vincent University
  • MA, Recreation Administration 1995-1998 Dalhousie University
  • BSc, (Recreation) 1986-1991 Dalhousie University


1. Hamilton-Hinch, B., McIsaac, J.L., Harkins, M.J., Jarvis, S., LeBlanc, J. A call for change in the public education system in Nova Scotia (accepted) Canadian Journal of Education special capsule “African Canadian Educational Excellence.

2. Hamilton-Hinch, B., Stilwell, C., Manuel, C., Hutchinson, S., Woodford, K., Ellis, A. Peer assisted learning: What can students teach us? (submitted). Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education

3. Hamilton-Hinch, B., Gallant, K., Burns, R., Gilbert, R., White, C. Hard to reach (will be submitted)

4. Hutchinson, S., Woodford, K., Ellis, A., Hamilton-Hinch, B., Stilwell, C., Manuel, C. (submitted). Exploring the role of peer-assisted learning in professional preparation and development in recreation. Leisure/Loisir

5. Hamilton-Hinch, B., Gahagan, J., & Brown, C. (submitted). Rising Above the Intersectional Impact of Racism and Gender on the Health of African Nova Scotian Women Leaders. Qualitative Health Research.

Research Grants

1. Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition. A culturally specific COVID-19 response strategy for African Nova Scotians in the Prestons (Waldron, I. Hamilton-Hinch, B. Iduye, D., Dryden, O., & Fierlbeck, K; Ajadi, T). Awarded $75,000, 2020-2021.

2. Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition. Don’t count us out! (Dryden, O., Hamilton-Hinch, B., Iduye, D., & Waldron, I. Ajadi, T. & Kephart, G). Awarded $40,000, 2020-2021.

3. Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition: Rapid Research Call – COVID-19 Response: Evidence to assess the impact of COVID-19 on community-based dementia care in Nova Scotia. (Jun. 2020-Apr. 2021). PI: Aubrecht, K.; Co-Is: Keefe, J., Pertl, M., Hadfield, K., Kelly, C., Moody, E., Hamilton-Hinch, B., Sim, M., Gahagan, J., Herron, R., Dryden, O., & Goldstein, J, Hande, M.J..; Partners: Alzheimer Society Nova Scotia (Nadeau, S.), Alzheimer Society of Ireland (Rock, B.), Eviance (Hardie, S.); Collaborators: V.O.N. Nova Scotia (Babin, D.); Maritime SPOR Support Unit (Rowe, L.). ($54,908 CND)

4. SSHRC Connection Grant. The state of Black health in Nova Scotia. (Waldron, I. Co-Applicants: Hamilton-Hinch, B., Iduye, D., & Fierlbeck, K., Ajadi, T., Watson, C). Awarded $21,680 from SSHRC & $12,500 in kind, 2020-2021.

5. Dalhousie University Dalhousie Belong Research Fellow. What are the benefits or challenges of culturally-specific programs in attributing to students’ success in post-secondary education? (Hamilton-Hinch, B.) Awarded $10,000 (January 2019-2021)

6. Dalhousie Faculty of Health Research SSHRC Explore Grant. Defining Attributes that Promote Mental Health in Undergraduate Students who have Adverse Childhood Experiences. Ross, N., Hamilton-Hinch, B., Haslam. K., Munroe, A., Torres, S., Gilbert, R. November 2019-December 2020. Awarded $5,000.

7. Center for Aging and Brain Health Innovation Spark Grant. Person-Directed Continuing Care: Implementation of a virtual world to promote personhood for people living with dementia and care partners. Hickey, E. & Hamilton-Hinch, B. September 2019-December 2020 Awarded

8. Employment and Social Development Canada, Social Development Partnership Program. Black Student University Access Network (McCready, L., Crichlow, W., Hamilton-Hinch, B., Howard, P., Simmons, M.). Awarded $250,000 (January 2019 -December 2020)

9. Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Promoting Health Equity: Mental Health of Black Canadians Fund Incubator Stream. (Hamilton-Hinch, B., Mbakogu, I., Cookey, J. & Watson, C.). Awarded $75, 000. November 3 2019-September 2020.

10. Nova Scotia Department of Education. Closing the Achievement Gap for African Nova Scotian Learner (Hamilton-Hinch, B., Harkins, M.J., Dr. LeBlanc, J., McIsaac, J.L., & Campbell, L.A.,). June 2017-2018 (extended 2019). Awarded $20,000

Books and book chapters

1. Hamilton-Hinch, B. (forthcoming). The lived experiences of racism and discrimination among Black Nova Scotian women leaders: Living the Research. Fernwood Publishing. Nova Scotia. (signed contract)

2. McIntyre, S. & Hamilton-Hinch, B. (2016). Serving Black Students. In C.C. Strange & D. Hardy Cox (Eds.), Serving Diverse Students in Canadian Higher Education. (40-57). Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

3. Bernard, W., & Hamilton-Hinch, B. (2015) Four Journeys-One vision ABSW comes to Halifax. In W. Thomas Bernard (Ed.) Still Fighting for change: Black social workers in Nova Scotia (pp.23-31). Pottersfield Press: East Lawrence Town, Nova Scotia.


1. African Youth Governance Convergence 2020, Zambia South Africa. Coach and Invited Panelist for Health and Education.(Cancelled due to COVID19)

2. Black Excellence in STEM and Health Symposium -What does it mean to be a Black Health Practitioner. Invited Panelist. Black Excellence in STEM (March, 2020).

3. Where Can I go for Leisure? Academy of Leisure Sciences Africa. Invited Panelist.Webinar Conference on Parks and Recreation Services for a Socially Justice and Equitable Community, 14 July 2020. Other presenters on Day 1 Keynote Mowatt, R., Higgins-Desbiolles, F., Cabral, J., Beniwal, A.,Fletcher,T., Sene-Harper, A., Pinckney, H., Gomez, E., Fernandez, M., & Henhawk, D.

4. Black Canadian Doctors & Trainees Summit: Sharing updates and future plans. Invited Keynote. (July, 2020). Video

Guest Lectures

1. School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. African Heritage Month Panelist February 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

2. Presentation to Board of Governors 5.2 Belong April 2019

3. Working in Diverse Communities-Doing No Harm. School of Physiotherapy (February, 2019)

4. Graduate Student Seminar Leisure Studies. Use of Critical Race Theory and Black Feminist Thought in Research (November 2019).

5. The Impact of Racism on Women of African Ancestry. Gender and Women’s Studies. Dalhousie University (February, 2018)