Graham Gagnon

The water treatment industry continues to seek greener, innovative ways to treat water for human consumption. The challenge is to develop treatment technologies that are friendly to the environment but still meet increasingly strict water quality regulations.

Graham Gagnon is working with the water industry to develop just such technologies. Dr. Gagnon holds the NSERC/Halifax Water Industrial Research Chair in Water Quality and Treatment.

Dr. Gagnon also serves as the Director for the Centre for Water Resources Studies. He and his team are investigating new processes, such as biofiltration, for monitoring and removing pathogens from drinking water. The researchers are using a pilot plant to test these new processes to make sure that they meet all the criteria for water treatment that is safe for people and for their environment.This testing will build a knowledge base on applications of green technology to water treatment.

The results from this research is being used by the water industry to create sustainable water treatment infrastructure throughout North America. Dr. Gagnon's team has held research partnerships with First Nation communities, federal and provincial agencies, private industry and municipal agencies like Halifax Water. 

Students are trained to have solution-based goals while understanding engineering processes and phenomena. Ultimately, Dr. Gagnon's research program allows student researchers to quickly transition from the lab to the water industry and have impact in their field.  

"The research we do is highly valuable. Engineers can provide solutions that can be applied to a diverse range of communities and industries. Ultimately these solutions can have tangible benefits to public health and the environment, which leaves me with a very positive feeling on the impact our research can have."

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