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Scholarships, bursaries, grant funding and more

As a graduate student, you are expected to secure funding for your entire course of study before you begin your program. At Dalhousie, you’ll find lots of opportunities to fund your post-graduate education.

Scholarships and bursaries

Our scholarships reward academic achievement and provide financial assistance and we also offer a number of bursaries available to assist graduate students in need. Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies  website for a list of scholarships, bursaries, special Dalhousie awards, travel grants and more.

Research funding

Like a scholarship, research grants can help fund your graduate studies and also offer an opportunity to build on your career. When looking for grants, think outside the box and consider all facets of your project. Maybe you’re working in history, but your project has an application for women’s studies. There may be many potential classifications of your research topic as you search for grants. As you progress through your undergraduate degree, be on the lookout for grant opportunities—and make an investment in your future beyond your years at Dal.