Explore graduate studies at Dal

  • Chemical Engineering (MEng, MASc, PhD)
    Graduate studies in Chemical Engineering encompasses areas of environmental control, plastics and polymers, pulp and paper, instrumentation and process control, petrochemicals, petroleum and natural gas processing, and energy conversion and utilization, as well as the growing fields of biotechnology, food processing, composite materials, corrosion and protective coatings, and manufacture of microelectronic components.
  • Biological Engineering (MEng, MASc, PhD)                                    Graduate studies in Biological Engineering applies natural science and engineering principles to the biological world.  As such, Biological Engineering addresses a wide range of problems relating to the environment, food and other biomaterial production and processing, renewable energy and reusable resources.  Emphasis is placed on optimizing design performance in dealing with biological materials and systems while preserving sustainability and protection of the environment.
  • Food Science and Technology (MSc, PhD)
    Graduate studies in Food Science applies basic scientific principles to practical problems associated with the preservation, storage, quality and safety of the food supply. A food scientist works in a highly competitive and sophisticated industry, incorporating new technologies, processes, packaging and transportation strategies.