The Department of Process Engineering and Applied Science (PEAS) was formed on July 1, 2005, as the result of a re-organization within the Faculty of Engineering.  

We offer a CEAB accredited undergraduate BEng program in Chemical Engineering.  We also offer graduate programs at the masters (MEng, MSc and MASC) and doctoral (PhD) levels in disciplines for Biological and Chemical Engineering as well as Food Science.   

Located on the Sexton Campus of Dalhousie University in downtown Halifax, the Department of Process Engineering and Applied Science prepares students for professional careers in a wide range of fields related to the process industries, including oil and gas, food and minerals.

With a focus on being environmentally-conscious, students will contribute to sustainable engineering development – a priority for the process and allied industries.

What is Process Engineering and Applied Science?

Process science and engineering is concerned with the development of new materials and processes to meet the specific needs to develop a given product. A process engineer could be working in research and development on the creation of added-value products or in an industrial setting on modification and optimization of existing processes, systems and process equipment to improve their safety, quality, cost effectiveness with special attention to environmental protection and sustainability.

What are the career possibilities?

Process Engineering and Applied Science graduates are actively being employed in the bioprocess industry (food, fiber, pharmaceutical), petrochemical process industry (oil, gas, plastics), energy engineering (energy efficiency, renewable sources), and several others.

Why study Process Engineering and Applied Science at Dalhousie?

Whether you are interested in programs at the undergraduate or graduate level, learn more about why you should choose to study at Dalhousie.