Research Projects

Our community and population health researchers are committed to improving the oral health of vulnerable populations, from disease surveillance to caring for frail elders.

Tui'kn (Passage) to Oral Health: A Community-led Research Partnership to Improve Oral Health in Unama'ki

This project is an initative of the Tui'kn Partnership and researchers at Dalhousie and Cape Breton Universities to design and implement innovative, locally appropriate and culturally relevant population health interventions to improve oral health.

'Kungatsiajuk': Supporting the Healthy Smiles of NunatuKavut children

Kungatsiajuk was a three year research study (2011-2014) on the oral health of children living in south-eastern Labrador. This research project brought together two kinds of knowledge - biomedical knowledge and Indigenous knowledge - to make a unique contribution to our understanding of the oral health of Aboriginal children.

Oral Care in Continuing Care Settings and Brushing Up on Mouth Care

This research explored the broad spectrum of influences on daily mouth care in long-term care. Through this research, a formal process for integrating oral care into organizational policy and practice in continuing care settings has been established.

Oral Health Study of the Immigrant Population (OHSIP)

OHSIP was a survey of the oral health status of Nova Scotian immigrants and refugees. It was the first study aimed at investigating the oral health status of recent immigrants and refugees in the province.

Increasing Capacity for Oral Health (ICOH)

ICOH aimed to inform oral health policy regarding vulnerable populations. The project was a collaboration between clinician-researchers at Dalhousie and a diverse group of stakeholders in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Oral Health of our Aging Population (TOHAP)

TOHAP was a survey of the oral health status, treatment needs and expectations of Nova Scotians age 45 and older. The study was lead by clinician researchers in Dalhousie's Faculty of Dentistry.

Our researchers also conduct innovative research at home in the Faculty of Dentistry and alongside other health professions faculties at Dalhousie. Explore our research centres and labs.