RiOH 2024 DH Presentations

2024 Dental Hygiene RiOH Presentations
April 5th, 2024
Doors open at 5:00 pm
Presentations begin at 6:00pm

Download abstracts document

CE Credits
In-person attendee: If you plan to attend the in-person event on April 5th, please register at the door to receive your CE letters.

Presentation videos on-line: To watch the videos open the "student presentation menu" and follow the links to each groups' video.

After watching the videos, to qualify for your CE credits, you are required to complete the online quiz. If you require to retake the quiz, you will need to contact the CPE office for your access to be reset.

All CE letters will be distributed within 2 weeks after the quiz closes on May 4, 2024.

Note: you cannot collect CE credits from both the in-person event and watching the online videos.

Dental hygiene student presentations
A list of student presentations including a brief abstract are listed below. After April 5th, the list will also include links to the videos.

Student Presentations

Download abstracts document

Students Title Video link Advisor
H. Corkum
M. Frost
K. MacDonald
R. Porter
Artificial intelligence in dental hygiene: A futuristic approach to lifesaving smiles Video Prof. Heather Doucette
K. Morgan
K. Pople
M. Gallant
V. Nguyen
J. Watson
Matters of the mouth and mind: Impact of periodontitis on alzheimer's disease Video Prof. Shauna Hachey
A. Penney
B. Thompson
D. Bennett
H. Buhler
S. Coish
The dental hygiene care spectrum: A clinician's toolbox for providing exceptional care for children with autism spectrum disorder Video Prof. Andrea Hare
M. Al Smadi
P. Patel
L. Afifi
A. Jacob
A. Kukar
Beyond the bin: A deep dive into clinical waste Video Prof. Alma Wade
L. Richardson
H. Miles
A. Allakany
B. Gabriel
S. Haydar
Recognizing the signs: A guide to ectodermal dysplasia for the oral health professional Video Prof. Zwicker
M. Brown
K. Hebb
F. Abokar
A. Esse
P. Olawunmi
Virtual reality & anxiety/pain management: Escape the pain, embrace the virtual gain Video Prof. Leslie Kenwell