Dentistry Alumni Committee

Alumni serving alumni

The Dentistry Alumni Committee (DAC) meets on a regular basis to work with alumni relations staff to enhance connections between and among our alumni and students.

We support and promote:

  • the active participation of alumni in the Faculty of Dentistry's affairs and future direction
  • enhanced connections between and among alumni and students
  • the advancement of dental education and research
  • Dalhousie Alumni Association initiatives

If you would like to discuss becoming involved with the Dentistry Alumni Committee, please submit your CV to

About the DAC

Read our Terms of Reference [PDF 27 kB]
Read our Procedural Guidelines [PDF 49 kB]
View our 2017-2018 Membership [PDF 38 kB]

DAC annual reports:

Annual report, 2016-17 [PDF 67 kB]
Annual report, 2015-16 [PDF 67 kB]
Annual report, 2014-15 [PDF 55 kB]
Annual report, 2013-14 [PDF 55 kB]