Daugavpils Program

Dalhousie University Russian Program Abroad

Summer 2024, Daugavpils, Latvia


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Why Latvia?

· Latvia is a safe and political stable country in Eastern Europe, which is a member of the European Union and NATO.

· No visa is required for Canadians, Americans, Brits, or Europeans, and it is easily accessible with only one connecting flight from Halifax and most other major Canadian cities.

· 34% of the population speak Russian as a first language and many more speak it as a second language, giving plenty of opportunity for immersion.

Why Daugavpils?

· The second largest city in Latvia, Daugavpils is more than 740 years old and a place with a fascinating history, evidence of which is preserved throughout the city in the form of architectural monuments.

· Residents of and visitors to Daugavpils enjoy the richness of nature in and around the city, which is adorned with sixteen lakes, eight rivers and streams, forests, and parks.

· Called the “mini-EU” thanks to its multicultural makeup, Daugavpils is the “most Russian” city in the European Union, where Russian is the first language for 80% of the residents, and 96% of the population knows Russian.

What is the program like?

· 6-week intensive programme of rigorous language study and cultural experience. 120 hours of Russian language classes: 4 hours a day, 5 days a week with experienced Russian as a Foriegn Language teachers from Daugavpils Univeristy.

· 13 hours with a peer tutor (local university student)

· The area studies course “Transnational Eastern Europe” will be conducted in English and include excursions around Daugavpils and the surrounding region.

· You will be registered at Dalhousie University and will receive 12 units [P/F].

Where will I live?

· You will live with a thoroughly vetted and thoroughly trained host family of native Russian speakers who will speak to you only in Russian.

· You will have private room, access to laundry and to Wifi.

· The host family will feed you breakfast and dinner every day, and will accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies.

What else is included?

· Excursions around Daugavpils and surrounding area including Algona Lake.

· Multi-day excursions even further afield to Riga (Latvia’s capital) and Vilnius (the capital of neighbouring Lithuania).

· All accommodation, transportation, entry fees, and guides on the excursions.

What are the dates?

· You will arrive in Riga on May 25, 2024 and leave July 7, 2024.

· All students will be transported from Riga to Daugavpils on May 26 and classes begin May 27.

What is the cost?

· The program fee is €4,175. This includes housing for six weeks, 2 meals a day, all instruction in Latvia, peer tutoring, all course materials, and all excursions (transport, entrace fees, guides, lodging, meals)

· Expenses do not include registration at Dalhousie, travel to Riga, insurance, lunches (a few Euros a day), and public transport (less than one Euro a ride.)

Funding Opportunities

· Dalhousie students with demonstrated need may apply for the Study/Work International Fund (SWIF): https://www.dal.ca/campus_life/ile/financial-support.html

· Dalhousie students may also apply for the Yuri Glazov Memorial Award (awarded by the Russian Studies Department – see instructions here.)

How to apply

· Please download and submit this application form, and include your personal statement, academic transcripts, and Russian academic reference.

· Once accepted (by the end of the end of February 2024), you will need attend an orientation session in March 2024 and then register for up to 12 specified Dalhousie units (4 courses) in the Summer Semester.

· Non-Dalhousie students will be able to register as “visiting students” with a letter of permission.

Deadline for application: January 31, 2024


Talk to the coordinator

Dr. Brett Winestock, Instructor, Russian Studies Dalhousie University brett.winestock@dal.ca

Contact us, Phone: 902-494-1082 Email: rusn@dal.ca