Susan Manning

PhD Candidate

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Originally from Newfoundland, Susan completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Gender and Women’s Studies & International Development Studies at Trent University, before moving back to the east coast to pursue a Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. Susan’s dissertation research (co-supervised by Dr. David Black and Dr. Deborah Stienstra) identifies best practices for mitigating, through government-mandated regulatory processes, the negative social impacts that often accompany natural resource extraction in communities in Northern Canada. As resource extraction intensifies in Canada, particularly near rural, remote and Indigenous communities, this research will broaden the conversation about the responsibilities of government and corporations in relation to community impacts of resource projects. Susan’s research uses an intersectional environmental justice framework and centres on four comparative case studies: the Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mine, the Red Chris Mine, the Keeyask Generating Station and the Site C Clean Energy Project.  

More generally, Susan’s research interests include the politics of resource extraction and development, the politics of community inclusion and exclusion in governance, gender and diversity analysis as tools for policymaking, and the politics of sexual and gender-based violence. In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time outside with her dog, hiking, and kayaking, and volunteers in several roles with Girl Guides of Canada and the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

More information about Susan’s work and a complete CV can be found on her personal website:

Selected Publications:

  • Manning, Susan M. (2020). “The Canadian Senate: An Institution for Reconciliation?” Journal of Canadian Studies 54(1): 1-24.
  • Stienstra, Deborah, Susan Manning, and Leah Levac. (2020). More Promise than Practice: GBA+, Intersectionality, and Impact Assessment. Guelph: Live Work Well Research Centre.
  • Stienstra, Deborah, Susan M. Manning, Leah Levac, and Gail Baikie. (2019). “Generating Prosperity, Creating Crisis: Impacts of Resource Development on Diverse Groups in Northern Communities.” Community Development Journal 54(2): 215-232.
  • Manning, Susan, Patricia Nash, Leah Levac, Deborah Stienstra, and Jane Stinson. Strengthening Impact Assessments for Indigenous Women. Prepared for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.
  • Stienstra, Deborah, Gail Baikie, and Susan M. Manning. (2018). “‘My Granddaughter Doesn’t Know She Has Disabilities and We Are Not Going to Tell Her’: Navigating Intersections of Indigenousness, Disability and Gender in Labrador.” Disability and the Global South 5(2): 1385-1406.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2018). “Contrasting Colonisations: (Re)Storying Newfoundland/ Ktaqmkuk As Place.” Settler Colonial Studies 8(3): 314-331.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2017). “‘It’s the Best Place on Earth’: Newfoundland Women’s Outmigration, Diaspora and the Myth of Return.” Gender, Place & Culture 24(10): 1460-1479.
  • Manning, Susan M., Pamela Johnson, and Julianne Acker-Verney. (2016). “Uneasy Intersections: Critical Understandings of Gender and Disability in Global Development.” Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal 1(3): 292-306.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2016). “Intersectionality in Resource Extraction: A Case Study of Sexual Violence at the Porgera Mine in Papua New Guinea.” International Feminist Journal of Politics 18(4): 574-589.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2015). “The Potential of Government Intervention in Violence Against Women: Lessons from Newfoundland and Labrador.” Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice 37(1): 156-167.

Selected Conference Presentations:

  • Manning, Susan M. (2019). “Searching for a Disability Lens in Impact Assessment Policy.” Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association Conference, Acadia University, October 18-20.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2019). “GBA+ on the Front Lines: Bill C-69 Debates and Gender in Impact Assessment.” Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association Conference, Acadia University, October 18-20.
  • Levac, Leah, and Susan M. Manning. (2019). “Exaggerated Tensions: Responding to Resistance to Bill C-69 and Advancing Indigenous Women’s Roles and Voices in Resource Extraction.” Canadian Political Science Association Conference, June 4-6.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2019). “Accounting for Gender and Diversity in Resource Extraction Impact Assessment.” Canadian Political Science Association Conference, June 4-6.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2019). “Why Are We So Afraid of GBA+?: Troubling Debates in Resource Extraction Impact Assessment.” Women and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes Conference, University of British Columbia, June 2-4.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2018). “More Work to Be Done: Evaluating Gender and Diversity Analysis in Resource Extraction.” Women and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes Conference, University of Regina, May 27-30.
  • Manning, Susan M. (2017). “‘The Power is in Our Hands’: Conflicting Values and Visions in the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Project.” Damned by Dams: Artefacts of Modernization and Conflicts of Transformation Workshop, University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), October 26-27.

Major Awards:

  • Killam Trusts, Dalhousie University – Level 2 Izaak Walton Killam Predoctoral Scholarship (2017-2020)
  • SSHRC Joseph Armand-Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral (2016-2019)
  • Mount Saint Vincent University Senate Award of Distinction (2016)
  • SSHRC Joseph Armand-Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Masters (2014-2015)
  • Trent University Symons Medal (2013)