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From Dal News

  • Rethinking Canada’s climate policy from the ground up
    Canada's top-down approach to designing its climate policy has failed, writes MacEachen Institute Junior Fellow Adebayo Majekolagbe. It needs to find ways to engage with individuals.
  • The Conversation: Young refugees have unique needs that require special support
    With World Children's Day this week, we need to critically assess how Canada's doing helping young refugees settle into their new homes and their new lives, writes PhD candidate Emily Pelley.
  • Our Killam Scholars: In the shadow of the dam
    Susan Manning, Killam Scholar and PhD candidate in Political Science, is using the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam in her home province of Newfoundland and Labrador as a case study on how such projects affect overlooked local communities.
  • The language of friendship
    Haruka Aoyama, Dania Shalabi and Delicia Marie Toro came to Dalhousie from three different countries to study three different programs. But after meeting in the first week of their English for Academic Purposes class, they've formed a bond that spans any of the differences between them.
  • Panel ponders future of global leadership as U.S. wanes
    A top NATO official, a Nobel Peace Laureate, and others discussed the future of U.S. and global leadership during a roundtable at Dal to kick off this year's Halifax International Security Forum — one of the top annual gatherings of its kind in the world.