• Celebrating 50 political women
    Article featuring Political Science department Alumni Sarah Dobson, Read more here:
  • PhD candidate Julia Rodgers in Today@dal
    PhD candidate Julia Rodgers published in the Today@dal, “Brand Versus Reality: Trudeau’s Style of Governing Must Now Change”
  • Herald commentary by undergraduate political science student
    Political science undergraduate student Noel Guscott's op-ed published by the Chronicle Herald. Read more here:
  • Memorial for political science alumus Thomas Hines.
    The faculty and staff of the department of political science lament on the passing of our former student Thomas Hines. Here is the obituary in the Chronicle Herald:
  • Leah Sarson interview on G7 summit
    CSSD faculty fellow Leah Sarson was interviewed on the G7 summit in Biarritz, for CTV News:
  • Interview of Adjunct Professor Jean‑Francois Savard
    Interview with the SignalHFX on new federal cabinet member for Nova Scotia
  • Dr. Katherine Fierlbeck, Professor in Political Science, sits on Policy Matter panel discussion
    The federal Liberal administration has articulated its intention to introduce a national pharmacare program. However, the particulars of this program are still unknown: what gets on the formulary? who decides? who pays? how much? and through what mechanism? This panel discussed the administrative, legal, economic, and political challenges in implementing such a program across all provinces. It also reflected on how particular implementation plans could affect Nova Scotians for better or for worse. Other panelists included: Diana Whalen, Advisory Council for the Implementation of National Pharmacare, Marc-Andre Gagnon, Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration, Maureen MacDonald, MLA for Halifax Needham between 1998 and 2016, and served as both Minister of Health and Minister of Finance for the NDP between 2009 and 2013
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